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And Aquarium Maintenance

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Batfish Aquatics is proud to offer aquarium cleaning and aquarium maintenance services throughout the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore regions! Whether you're in Frederick, Maryland, Bethesda or the rest of Montgomery County, Baltimore, downtown Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, we will be happy to help you. We offer complete design and installation services, as well as aquarium leasing and sales options. From standard aquariums to large, special and custom aquariums, let us help you have a worry free turn-key aquarium!

Batfish Aquatics Aquarium Services will custom fit an aquarium to suit any budget or other needs our clients offer, including freshwater aquarium, planted aquariums, and marine and reef aquariums. Whether you're looking for a standard aquarium to fit into an open corner, or a custom designed 2500-gallon in-wall installation, Batfish Aquatics will help. We are a full line provider of high quality, furniture grade aquarium cabinetry and canopies, and glass aquariums, including standard and custom sizes. We use and recommend only glass aquariums.

In addition to our maintenance service, Batfish Aquatics has been recognised as an industry leader in aquascaping and aquarium design. The art of designing an aesthetically pleasant, functional layout within an aquarium is known as "aquascaping," and we can aquascape any aquarium for you, whether its helping to design a layout for a planted aquarium, a reef tank, or just planning where best to put the castle and the burping clam!

We offer sales of all types of aquariums, at reasonable pricing, and can offer delivery services throughout the area. For commercial clients, we also offer aquarium leasing options, allowing you to obtain a complete turn-key aquarium without worrying about purchasing the right equipment, maintaining or cleaning the aquarium. Everything is included in our leasing options, including maintenance services.

Please click the various links above for more information on our services, or please e-mail for more information or a quote! We can help you design a custom reef aquarium, saltwater aquarium, or a beautiful planted aquarium. Even if you only want a simple aquarium in the home or office, or just need routine aquarium service, we will be happy to assist.

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